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About Rich Somers

Rich is an active real estate investor and entrepreneur holding a portfolio of multifamily, boutique hotels, and short-term rentals valued in excess of $60 Million. Rich is founder & CEO of Somers Capital and Excelsior Stays, where they operate and manage short-term rentals and boutique hotels in 9 markets around the country.

Rich hosts a real estate and business podcast, “The Rich Somers Report”, where he interviews top real estate investors, entrepreneurs, and athletes from all over the world. Past guests include Grant Cardone, Tarek El Moussa, Pace Morby, and Mikey Taylor. Rich also hosts San Diego’s largest monthly real estate investing networking event, and is passionate about helping others reach financial freedom through real estate investing.

About Jorge Contreras

Meet Jorge Contreras, a passionate Real Estate Investor & Coach dedicated to helping others achieve time, financial, and location freedom through Airbnb and Real Estate Investing. Having retired at 29, become a millionaire by 30, and now earning multiple 6 figures with his Airbnb business, Jorge knows what it takes to succeed.

Growing up in a household with two immigrant parents from Mexico, Jorge faced numerous challenges. He dealt with the murder of a half-brother due to gang affiliations and sold drugs with his father. Smuggling people across the border was a part of life, and gangs, drugs, and alcohol were a normal part of his childhood environment.

The loss of his father to alcoholism at the age of 12 was a turning point in Jorge's life. Despite struggling in high school and dropping out of college, he refused to let his circumstances define him. In 2007, he started his first business and, through perseverance and seeking guidance from successful mentors, he figured it all out.

Today, Jorge enjoys his dream life with his beautiful wife and daughter. Boasting a 7-figure business, multiple properties generating 6-figure cash flow from Airbnb, and the ability to educate thousands on leveraging Airbnb and real estate to create the life of their dreams, he's living proof that anyone can overcome adversity. If Jorge can do it, WHY CAN'T YOU?

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